I’m Mandy the Motivator
What kind of Race for Lifer are you?

Mandy’s the go-to person who rallies the troops and keeps everyone motivated. She’s a supermarket manager whose running team are all members of her staff. She’s married with two kids, and she loves natural mineral water so much she buys Aqua Pura by the case to hydrate her whole team.

Mandy has a lot of people to organise, so she sends out regular reminders and motivating messages along the way via their WhatsApp group. She organises the team on the day, from where to park to which shoulder pads they should wear … a true strategist.

She’s also a leader at her local Scouts Group. Whenever she takes groups into the outdoors she reminds them of the importance of staying hydrated, and keeps a few bottles of Aqua Pura handy just in case.

Who are you?

Take the quick quiz to see which bottle army girls you're more like.

  1. Are you a first – timer or have you taken part in events previously?
  2. Do you own a pair of running trainers?
  3. Are you the ring leader of getting a team together for an event?
  4. Do you really like to get involved with the fundraising in the lead up to your event?
  5. Have you done any training?
  6. Do you rate yourself as a real competitor and try and outperform previous personal bests?
  7. Do you know your stuff when it comes to hydration and being prepared for an event?
  8. Have you been affected by someone who has had cancer?

You’re Last Minute Lisa

A bit disorganised, nervous about your first big sporting event but very proud, if a little under trained. Don’t worry, you’ll be great.

Mandy the motivator

You’re ready to race. You can’t wait to gather the troops and be on your way. Motivational and inspiring, a real team player.

Vicky the Vet

You’re a true Race for Life veteran, sociable and outgoing, you’ve a passion for fundraising and a real lust for life.

Rapid Rita

You’re active and prepared for the race, have all the kit and will take the day in your stride.

First time Fiona

You’re an intrepid first timer, you’ve done your research and you’re ready to become part of our amazing team.