Natural Mineral Water

Sourced from the rolling hills of Cumbria


What makes us Aqua Pura?

Filtered through ancient, mineral-rich rocks our water is naturally pure with a consistently clear and refreshing taste. That’s why we’re called Aqua Pura – quite simply, our name means Pure Water.

We are really proud of our Cumbrian heritage and have been bottling water at source in the beautiful Eden Valley for nearly 30 years. Today Aqua Pura is one of the fastest growing British natural mineral water brands in UK, meaning that we can share a little taste of Cumbria far and wide.

Your hydration needs are as unique as you are....

Keeping hydrated doesn’t just have a world of health benefits – it makes you feel like you can take on the world too!

Knowing exactly how much water you should be drinking to stay adequately hydrated can be a tricky business – so we are delighted to share our clever tool to calculate just how much water you should be drinking based on your weight, age and activity level.

Try our hydration calculator

Our Range

Aqua Pura offers something for everyone, with a bottle size and shape for every use, occasion or outing.

Enjoy refreshing Aqua Pura natural mineral water whether you’re on the go, sharing it with the family or taking it out on a trip. Our handy range of bottles caters to all your hydration needs. Want to know more? Read on….

Where do you take yours?

We love to see where Aqua Pura is keeping you hydrated. If you share our passion for the great outdoors why not send us your snaps? We’ll feature the best photos right here on our website.

Thirsty work!

Perfect for the bottle holder

Putt one in your Golf Bag


Natures playground

Walk up to High Cup Nick

Looks like rain!

Do we need dirctions?

King of the castle

Nearly there!

Worth it for the views

What a view

Drink Up

Sports Day !

Sunday Walk

Tots Training

Morning Mist

Biking with a view

Family Camping

Spectacular Sunset

Pumpkin picking



Scafell Pike


New York


Great Run


New York


Stone Arthur

Happy Halloween!

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Find your adventure

Go Lakes Logo

When we're not bottling natural mineral water, you'll find us exploring the wilds of Cumbria - visiting castles, walking trails, and trying to stop sheep eating our picnics.

In conjunction with our long term partners at Go Lakes and Cumbria Tourism, we've put together some great ideas for things you might want to do, should you come and visit us. Be sure to keep checking back - as we will be updating these suggestions regularly!

Great Walking

The Ullswater Way

Walks that cater for all ages and abilities and are never too far away from an Ullswater 'Steamer' pier.

Great Picnic

Aira Force

One of the largest and most famous Lake District waterfalls, Aira Force is surrounded by truly beautiful scenery.

Great View

High Cup Nick

The grand canyon of the pennines and northern England's most glorious landscape feature.

Great for Play

Lowther Castle

Not just a historical castle also the home of the biggest and most captivating adventure playgrounds in the country.

Aqua Pura Weather Station

What’s that bright thing in the sky? Looks like it’s sunny for a change! A great excuse to get out for a walk.

It’s a bit cloudy here in Cumbria today. Hopefully that means there’s some rain on its way (we like rain - every drop helps recharge our water source).

Take care, you need to stay hydrated whatever the weather. Use our new hydration calculator to check if you’re getting enough water.