3rd August 2023

5 adventures for the whole family to enjoy

5 adventures for the whole family to enjoy

Hands up if you love going on a family adventure? That’s all of us then. Whether you fancy an extreme adrenaline rush or something out of the ordinary (and totally free!), we’ve got you covered

Working out how to keep the kids entertained over the 6 week school holidays? Going on a family adventure – either somewhere new or simply to your local park – is a surefire way to up the fun factor.

No matter what your adventure, be sure to pack bottles of Aqua Pura for the whole family. The Natural Mineral Water is from the rolling hills of Cumbria with absolutely nothing artificial added. In fact, Aqua Pura literally means ‘pure water’. 

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With your supplies sorted, here’s our pick of the best family adventures, perfect for the school summer holidays.

Go camping

There’s nothing like sleeping out under the stars. And summer is the perfect time to take the kids on a camping trip.

Where you go is totally up to you: a family-friendly campsite or even your own garden are both fun. 

Pitch your tent, grab your sleeping bags and you’re all set.

Plan a family hike

There’s an epic adventure to be had on your own doorstep … simply head out on a family walk to your local park, woods or beach and mix things up with special activities. Some fun ideas no matter where you’re walking:

  • Bug hunting – Give the children little magnifying glasses, a pad and pencil to sketch the critters or a camera to snap their finds
  • Leaf rubbing – All you need for this activity is paper, different coloured crayons and whatever leaves they can forage
  • Searching for fossils – This works best when you’re in an area rich in fossils, but kids can rise to the challenge anywhere!
  • Having a treasure hunt – Write a list of what they need to spot: from a beetle to the tallest tree they can see, even things like a swing set or a child wearing yellow. 

The great news: It’s the ultimate budget outing! Take a packed lunch and your bottles of Aqua Pura and you’re all set. Filtered through the ancient, mineral-rich rocks of Eden Valley, Aqua Pura is the perfect drink for every adventure.

Go back in time

Want a family adventure with a spot of history too? Then head out with the kids to a castle, ruins or historic landmark near you.  

Plenty are free to visit, including Northumberland’s Norham Castle and the Waverley Abbey ruins in Surrey.

If your kids have any historic costumes at home from school dress up days, then get them to pop them on. Is there a better way to live your adventure to the max?

Book a family activity day

Always fancied trying archery? Or maybe kayaking or zip-lining is on your adventure bucket list? Have a search for activity centres near you or book a PGL family day where you get to try 3 adrenaline-fuelled activities in one day. 

Sound good? Then you’ll love this… Aqua Pura is giving away 13 PGL family holidays and 13 PGL family activity days. They’re jam-packed with adventure and ideal for school-aged kids. All you need to do is spin to win. Have a go here and good luck!

Hop on your bikes

An epic adventure doesn’t have to involve off-roading or challenging terrain. A simple bike ride round your local neighbourhood, or to a nearby park, is exciting in itself.

Jump on your bikes and have a cycle wherever the mood takes you. Your kids will love exploring on 2 wheels and you’ll enjoy the gentle pedalling, ahead of whatever family adventure you’ve got planned next!

Pick up your pack of Aqua Pura from the water aisle at Asda, Sainsbury’s or Tesco. Follow Aqua Pura on Instagram for more family adventure inspiration.