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Be transported to the rolling hills, winding rivers, and endless green fields of Cumbria through our brand new VR experience.


If you need a little help with your headset, here are some simple steps to start your adventure:

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Let us transport you to the heart of our picturesque home, where the journey from rain droplet to refreshing bottle of Natural Mineral Water takes place.

From storm clouds up above to the bottle in your hand, the adventure of Aqua Pura is one to remember. Its journey through the Penrith sandstone after it splashes on to the ground means it has been naturally filtered, giving the water the chance to soak up natural minerals that enrich the water.

Come rain, shine, or even snow, Aqua Pura helps to keep the nation hydrated. Whether it’s a family picnic in the park, a stroll around a lake, or a hike up a local peak, the Natural Mineral Water can keep the nation refreshed on any adventure!

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Aqua Pura



Aqua Pura’s 2023 campaign centres around encouraging families nationwide to spend more time together in the great outdoors, taking time out of their busy lives to go on adventures, all while staying hydrated. Throughout the campaign, Aqua Pura wants to shine a light on the importance of staying hydrated when going on adventures, while also showcasing the positive impact hydration has on the nation.

To do this, the brand has partnered with PGL – the leading outdoor education provider – and a whole host of family, hiking and running influencers – including GB Olympic Marathon Runner, Stephanie Davis – to highlight the importance of staying hydrated when on the go!


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