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Sppech Mark Is bottled water in the UK regulated?

The short answer is Yes and gaining Natural Mineral recognition takes a period of 2 years. All Bottled Waters are now regulated in England by The Natural Mineral Water,Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water Regulations (England) 2007 SI 2785 The principles of regulation for Natural Mineral Water differ from those for other drinking water. Natural Mineral Water is regulated through a process of source recognition and catchment protection - only certain sources are suitable, subject to expert evaluation. All other Drinking Water are regulated through parametric standards - the water, as delivered, has to be within limits for a wide range of parameters. Thus Natural Mineral Waters are bottled at source from officially recognised sources of underground water which have to be naturally free from pollution and from harmful micro-organisms, stable in mineral analysis, temperature and rate of flow. The water may not be treated in a way intended to alter its natural microbiological state or its essential chemical composition. It must demonstrate stability against a set of chemical parameters, and in addition meet microbiological and chemical standards. The process of recognition can take up to two years, and once designated, the water must carry the proper description - "Natural Mineral Water" - which cannot be used by any other bottled waters. Other specific labelling regulations apply, intended to ensure that the consumer can clearly identify the source and not be confused by the same source being given different names, or by waters which are not Natural Mineral Waters being labelled like a Natural Mineral Water. A consolidated list of registered Natural Mineral Waters is published in the Official Journal of the EU.

asked July 2017

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