Do you really know how much your body needs?


Water is the first constituent and the main food of all living things

Are you drinking enough?

The human body is made up of approximately 60% water. Every cell in the body needs water to function properly and if it is insufficient, organs suffer.

The amount of water you should be drinking is specific to each and every individual – and there is no single recommended water intake that suits everyone. You also get an average of 20% of your water from the foods you eat. To make sure you’re drinking the right amount of water specific to your body type and activity level, we at Aqua Pura have created a handy tool to help keep you every bit as hydrated as you should be!

Follow the 3 simple steps and our clever calculator will crunch the numbers and tell you how much water your body needs to feel great. If you’re not sure what you weigh in KGs then click here and check out this quick and easy conversion tool, or click here to convert feet and inches into cm.

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Your ideal water intake should be around per day.

And according to the information you entered, you are % hydrated.

Congratulations you are drinking enough water!

Which means you need to drink a further to be 100% hydrated.







Your results: Dehydrated

Have you been feeling thirsty, had a dry mouth or a headache?

Your body has lost water and you have not drunk enough fluid to replace it. It’s time to up your water intake!

You will definitely notice the difference

Get into the habit of drinking water first thing in the morning and at meal times. Keep some bottles in the fridge, ensuring you have a refreshing cold water on hand to kick start your day or accompany your evening meal.

Your results: Below Average

Is your skin dry, have you been feeling a bit tired / sleepy?

Your fluid intake is lower than it should be increasing your water intake could sharpen you up.

Keep some bottles in the fridge, ensuring you have a refreshing cold water on hand to kick start your day or accompany your evening meal.

Your results: Average

You are well hydrated remember that exercise and hotter weather will mean you need to drink more than normal.

Keep a bottle of water with you in the car and take a sip while you are stuck in traffic. Driving dehydrates us especially in the hot weather and with the air con that dries out the air.

Your results: Above Average

You are drinking more than most. Are you feeling the benefit?

Does your skin have a healthy glow, do you feel alert?

Having multi-packs of 500ml water on hand will help keep all the family hydrated wherever they are ... whether its out on a family day out, or just at school or work.

Your results: Hydrated

You are doing well – Nicely Hydrated, this is good for your over-all health and wellbeing

If you are a regular water drinker look out for promotions on our larger multi packs, Natural mineral water at a great price. Having bottles on hand will encourage the whole family to stay hydrated.

Disclaimer – This hydration calculator is designed to educate you about the different factors that influence hydration. It is meant to give you a general indication only and should not take the place of specific individual needs, medical advice or common sense.

Consult your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise routine.

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