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Find out what makes our Natural Mineral Water so special

High Cup Nick, Cumbria

Our Natural Mineral Water

Aqua Pura is sourced from a Special Area of Conservation right in the heart of the Cumbrian countryside.

Our water flows deep below the surface of the stunning Eden Valley, filtering naturally through ancient rocks known as an aquifer. Our aquifer is rich in minerals that enhance the unique and refreshing flavour of Aqua Pura.

How do we get the water from source to bottle? Read on to find out more …..

Our Pure Water

Do you want to know what exactly makes Aqua Pura so pure?

“Our source is protected by layers of boulder clay, glacial sand and gravel. A borehole is drilled nearly 100 meters below the ground into the sandstone where the water has percolated through those ancient, mineral-saturated rocks for centuries. Our water is then pumped to the surface and bottled just minutes later!”

The illustration below details the Aqua Pura journey….

  • Glacial sand
    & gravel
  • Boulder
  • St Bees
  • Penrith
  • Carboniferous

Sustainability & Our Environment

Surrounded by the lush and green expanse of the Eden Valley in Cumbria it’s easy to see why we’re so passionate about the environment. We are proud of our surroundings and want to keep them every bit as natural and untouched as they should be. We are committed to sustainability and have objectives in place to ensure we keep our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum. This commitment is realised from the specific ways we bottle our water through to how our site is designed to blend in with the forests and fields which surround us.

Quality and Care

Aqua Pura is very proud to be an officially recognised “Natural Mineral Water”.
To achieve this classification a water must meet strict standards and requirements, for example….water must come from an officially recognised source which has undergone two years of frequent microbiological and quality testing. Authorities must be confident that the source is protected from pollution, and that the temperature and composition remains stable.

Our Water Quality

We are very proud to be an officially recognised Natural Mineral Water. To achieve and retain this classification we have consistently adhered to a comprehensive set of criteria since we obtained recognition back in 1991.

By using plastic bottles made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is scientifically demonstrated as safe for use with food and drink (BPA – Bisphenol A free), we ensure the flavour remains totally untainted and as pure as the day it was bottled.

Water Testing

Our water originates from a natural and protected underground source. It is bottled at source on-site and is rigorously tested to ensure it is microbiologically safe and high quality without the need for any treatment.

Our Minerals

As rain water filters through the Penrith sandstone of the Eden Valley it collects minerals, mainly Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. Don’t worry though – our Sodium levels are classified as low at .012g per litre.

The presence of these minerals helps give Aqua Pura it’s refreshing taste.

Water Care

As producers of Natural Mineral Water, we act as custodians of our land and subsequently the rocks below it. We have a responsibility for the land and the ancient rocks that lie beneath it.

Our water is free from contamination and pollutants – and we take fantastic care to protect and maintain our water source and our site.

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