Find out what makes our Natural Mineral Water so special

Our Water

Our Natural Mineral Water

Aqua Pura is sourced next to a Special Area of Conservation right in the heart of the Cumbrian countryside.

Our water flows deep below the surface of the stunning Eden Valley, filtering naturally through ancient rocks known as an aquifer. Our aquifer is rich in minerals that enhance the unique and refreshing flavour of Aqua Pura.

How do we get the water from source to bottle?
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Our Pure Water

Do you want to know what exactly makes Aqua Pura so pure?

“Our source is protected by layers of boulder clay, glacial sand and gravel. A borehole is drilled over 300 metres below the ground into the sandstone where the water has percolated through those ancient, mineral-saturated rocks for centuries. Our water is then pumped to the surface and bottled just minutes later!”

The illustration below details the Aqua Pura journey.

  • Glacial sand
    & gravel
  • Boulder
  • St Bees
  • Penrith
  • Carboniferous

The site is located next to a designated EU ‘Special Area of Conservation’ the River Eden and is located next to several designated ‘Sites of Special Scientific Interest’ (SSSI’s): Eden Gorge, River Eden and Tributaries, Lazonby Fell and Wan Fells


Our water quality

We are very proud to be an officially recognised Natural Mineral Water. To achieve and retain this classification we have consistently adhered to a comprehensive set of criteria since 1991.

By using plastic bottles made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is scientifically demonstrated as safe for use with food and drink (BPA – Bisphenol A free), we ensure the flavour remains totally untainted and as pure as the day it was bottled.

Water testing

Our water originates from a natural and protected underground source. It is bottled at source on-site and is rigorously tested to ensure it is microbiologically safe and high quality without the need for any treatment.

Our minerals

As rain water filters through the Penrith sandstone of the Eden Valley it collects minerals, mainly Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. Don’t worry though – our Sodium levels are classified as low at .011g per litre.

The presence of these minerals helps give Aqua Pura its refreshing taste.

Our range

Aqua Pura offers something for everyone, with a bottle size and shape for every use, occasion or outing.

Enjoy refreshing Aqua Pura natural mineral water whether you’re on the go, sharing it with the family or taking it out on a trip. Our handy range of bottles caters to all your hydration needs. Want to know more? Read on….

Quality assured

Our Mineral Water has Accredited Natural Mineral Water Status

Mineral Analysis Typical Values mg/L
Calcium 19
Magnesium 7
Sodium 11
Potassium 3
Bicarbonate 55
Sulphate 14
Chloride 15
Nitrate 20
Dry Residue at 180°C 110
pH at Source 6.4

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