We are proud of our surroundings


Our environment


Surrounded by the lush and green expanse of the Eden Valley in Cumbria it’s easy to see why we’re so passionate about the environment. We are proud of our surroundings and want to keep them every bit as natural and untouched as they should be. We are committed to sustainability and have objectives in place to ensure we keep our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum.

This commitment is realised from the specific ways we bottle our water through to how our site is designed to blend in with the forests and fields which surround us.




sent to landfill sites


recycled materials

used in every 500ml bottle





million years

in the making

Quality and care

Aqua Pura is very proud to be an officially recognised “Natural Mineral Water”.

To achieve this classification a water must meet strict standards and requirements, for example water must come from an officially recognised source which has undergone two years of frequent microbiological and quality testing. Authorities must be confident that the source is protected from pollution and that the temperature and composition remains stable.


Water care

As producers of Natural Mineral Water, we act as custodians of our land and subsequently the rocks below it. We have a responsibility for the land and the ancient rocks that lie beneath it.

Our water is free from contamination and pollutants – and we take fantastic care to protect and maintain our water source and our site.


  • Aqua Pura 500ml bottles are made from 100% recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) in order to preserve the quality of the product they contain and our shrinkwrap is made from more than 50% recycled plastic.
  • The bottles, labels, shrinkwrap and NEW caps are 100% recyclable. This means all the packaging can go in the recycling bin.
  • Our NEW Environmentally Friendly Caps are unique in that they stay with the bottle and are therefore not lost in nature.
  • We know that removable caps can be found in the eco system. Wildlife such as seabirds find it hard to differentiate between these caps and food, this can result in the death of seabirds.
    Thanks to this attached cap, we can help win the fight of litter in the environment.
  • Recycling improvement – the 500ml bottle, label and its cap are 100% recyclable making it easier for you deposit them in the sorting bin so 100% of the caps will have the chance to be recycled!
  • Less plastic – the bottle and the cap are produced with less plastic material, so we preserve our natural resources.

Snap and Click

The ‘Snap Click’ operation of the NEW cap is very simple:
To use the integral cap on your Still Aqua Pura, simply tilt the bottle completely back until you hear an audible ‘click’. Likewise to close your bottle after use do so until you hear the ‘click’.
To use the cap attached to the Sparkling Aqua Pura bottle unscrew the cap as usual, then tilt it completely backwards until it is in the locked position. To close, completely screw the cap back onto the bottle.

This NEW cap improves recycling by facilitating the selective sorting of the bottles because it allows consumers to recycle the cap with the bottle. The bottle and cap are sorted in a single step. The integral cap helps to reduce the amount of plastic needed to design the water bottle which means it requires less plastic to make it.

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